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I am a twenty-four year-old software security engineer. In the past I've worked on Metasploit, RetailMeNot, and clay.io, and majored in CS at the University of Texas at Austin. I like to do random security research, with a focus on Android and OS X.

I am currently busy with life and stuff, but from time to time I will post a personal project up here.

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Finally, a complete Node.JS IP geolocation library

Posted on 10 May 2011

I received a message from the user kuno on Github today:

Hi: My name is kuno, the maintainer of geoip module on nodejs. Your project GeoIP-js inspired my re-write my module from sketch, appreciate that. Do you mind I added your name into the contributor list? If so, may I have your email address? --kuno

After looking over his geoip module, his project looks to be more in-depth and versatile compared to my rather limited module, which I wrote about here. So, hats off to kuno, I’ve updated my repo to redirect users to his project. To install kuno’s geoip, simply use npm:

$ npm install geoip