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I am a twenty-four year-old software security engineer. In the past I've worked on Metasploit, RetailMeNot, and clay.io, and majored in CS at the University of Texas at Austin. I like to do random security research, with a focus on Android and OS X.

I am currently busy with life and stuff, but from time to time I will post a personal project up here.

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Add a spotlight “sheen” to your backgrounds with CSS3

Posted on 29 Jun 2011

Recently when building an admin panel for a client, I decided to add a spotlight sheen effect to the background for a sleeker look. Here's a snap of the completed design:

Here's the CSS(3) that I used to do it. The "sheen" is really just a radial gradient that tapers from a transparent white to full transparency:

background:-webkit-gradient(radial, 250 50,0,250 50,800,
            from(rgba(255,255,255,.4)),to(transparent)) transparent;
background: -moz-radial-gradient(250px 50px, 
            rgba(255,255,255,.4), transparent) transparent;

The effect is applied to a #wrap div, which lies directly on top of the body.